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Award winning Cinematographer, Editor and Producer Joe Andolina is a native New Yorker who relocated to Washington State in 1989. He is co-founder of AI Entertainment. His deep love and appreciation for movies has been a driving force behind the creative process he applies to his craft.

Joe grew up with mainstream New York television and cinema, when cinema was king.

His motto has always been, "If you mix in one hundred percent love with everything you do, you're bound to produce greatness."


* Accolade Global Film Competition 'Award of Merit' for Cinematography - "Lilac Series Pilot" (2014)

* IndieFest Award in Short Film Category - "The Bench" (2013)

* Seattle Children's Film Festival NW Prize - "The Bench" (2013)

* Gold Aurora Award - "The Day" (2011)

* Accolade Award - "The Day" (2011)

* 'Bronze' Telly Award - "The Gentleness of Rabbits" (2010)

* Accolade Award 'Award of Merit' - "The Gentleness of Rabbits" (2010)

* Accolade Award 'Award of Excellence' - "Battle Cell Breifing 001" (2010)

* Best Short Short Comedy: Eugene International Film Festival - "One Year Later" (2008)

* Accolade Award - "One Year Later" (2008)

* Accolade Award 'Honorable Mention' - "Not Afraid of Love" (2007)

* Accolade Award 'Best In-Show' - "The Gift" (2006)

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